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Zero to hero; couch to running machine; fat to fit! These are some of the phrases I could use to describe the challenge ahead.  Basically, I have 7 months to go from a out of shape slob to a marathoner!

Quick history, for the past 3 years, I have applied unsuccessfully to the lottery to gain entrance to the NYC Marathon.  As each year has passed, I have had 2 kids and got considerably larger and more unfit.  This year it is D-Day – I am IN.  Due to the 3 strikes and in rule that the NYC Marathon operates, after unsuccessfully applying for three years in a row, you are guaranteed entry the 4th year.  This blog will hopefully help provide me with the motivation to do the necessary training required to successfully complete the NYC marathon without 1) killing myself & 2) embarrassing myself.

I will be keeping a log of everything I do and I sincerely hope that it will help similarly unfit people thinking of running a marathon to achieve everything they wish to!


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