Run 2 – Homeless People

by Marathon Slob on March 19, 2012

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Feeling good after the run (well run/walk!) yesterday, I decided to set out once more today.  The plan again was to run around the perimeter of Prospect Park with a combination of running and walking.  I ran the the first mile yesterday in 8:30 – obviously this was too quick for my current level of fitness so promised to myself I would go slower.  My GPS was not logging data for the first half mile so these results will be slightly skewed.  In addition to that, I had the great idea to change the route and instead of running around the park I would run along the service road running through the middle of the park.  This was fine until I reached the end of said service road – no problem I thought, I will just take one of the many paths that lead through the vast wooded areas in the park.  This was a mistake – not only was the incline a killer, I also ran into what I could only describe as an enclave of homeless people.  Clearly intruding on their part of the park, I ran around in a big circle and headed home.  My performance was similarly poor to the previous day – my lungs struggle to get air into them, my stamina is poor and my will power is clearly lacking as I stopped to walk at the first sign of distress!  I need to work on the no pain no gain mantra!

Here is the data!


Heart Rate Data:

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