I need a plan!

by Marathon Slob on April 28, 2012

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I have realized over the last month, that in order to reach the required fitness levels to start Marathon training in earnest I will need a more structured plan.  As you can probably see from past posts, I have run somewhat sporadically due to my busy schedule.   I clearly need to shoehorn these runs into my schedule to make sure I actually do them!

The overall goal is to run the NYC Marathon.  In order to reach that goal my training will have 2 phases:

1st Phase – Running Fitness Training Plan

2nd Phase – Marathon Training Plan

Clearly, at the moment I am in the Running Fitness Stage.  Most Marathon training programs are 5 months in duration.  As of today’s date, I have just over 6 months until the NYC Marathon.  The goal of Phase 1 is to gain the fitness required to start the Marathon Training Plan at the beginning of June (giving me 5 months to train) without having to play too much catch up.  I will share my Marathon Training Plan at a later date, when I have more experience and have researched it further.

Here is my weekly plan to improve my running fitness to the necessary level.  Hopefully 4 weeks of this schedule will improve me to the level needed when the Marathon training starts for real.

The Cross training will likely be some Core or Strength work using my Nintendo Wii!.  I purchased EA Sports Active 2and I actually have found it to be really good.  I didn’t put much credence in using the Wii to improve fitness, but it definitely works different muscles to the ones I use when running.  I end up with quite a sweat on after 30 minutes!  I have to make sure to remember to close the blinds before doing it unless I want my Brooklyn neighbors pointing and laughing at me!

In case of inclement weather, I have access to an indoor track at the YMCA so there should be no excuses for not following the schedule!

I would love to hear your feedback on this plan!  Is is too much, too little or just right? I will keep you updated on how effective I find this to be.


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