Run 10 – time for a 10k

by Marathon Slob on April 29, 2012

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As mentioned in the previous running log, the plan for today was to run two loops of the park to make it a nice round 10k run.  So far, I have exclusively run about 5k at a time (or less on occasion!).  As per my Running Fitness Plan, I will be doing one longer run per week which will be a 10k.  Today’s run was my first attempt at that.

I set out with a decent amount of trepidation.  As I mentioned previously, I was absolutely shattered at the end of my last run and literally couldn’t have gone another step.  My concern going into this was that I would feel exactly the same as I did yesterday after 5k, but still have another 5k to run!  I set out with the plan to run slower but keep that pace consistent throughout the run.  I figured that a nice round 10:00 minute mile should be a good place to start.  The run started off great and I stuck to the slower pace very diligently.  I had no problems at all on the first loop and as I came around to the 5k mark I couldn’t believe how good I was feeling.  I had no real fatigue and wasn’t even breathing too heavy.

It was at this point that I noticed a huge crowd of runners, who were waiting en mass across the whole road.  A quick Google reveals that it was Brooklyn PTA 5K run.  I avoided the people traffic at the start line for their race by running at the side of the road and bypassing it.  When I got about 300 yards past the gaggle of runners, I heard the hooter that signaled the start of their race.  Within a matter of seconds, I heard the thunderous roar of heavy footsteps and was quickly passed by what seemed like hundreds of men, women and children (some as young as 6!).  This was quite the blow to my ego as children not yet in their teens were flying past me!  I managed to resist the temptation to speed up and kept plugging away at my 10 minute mile pace.  NOTE: I believe some of these children suffered from the same problem as I have in previous runs and set off far too quickly.  I did pass a lot of them halfway up the hill as they were tying shoelaces and stretching :-)

The run continued uneventfully for me and I truly felt great! I even managed a cheeky little sprint finish at the end.  I managed to complete the 10k in just over an hour and averaged exactly a 10 minute mile.  I’m thinking that I probably went too slowly during this run, as I managed to run the entire way and I never felt any discomfort.  Hopefully this will continue next week!

Here are the details – I would love to hear any feedback!

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