Run 11 – Consistency with annoyances

by Marathon Slob on May 2, 2012

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After a well deserved rest day yesterday, I was scheduled to be back out tonight for a 5k run.  I definitely needed the rest day after the 10k on Sunday as I did have some soreness in my left knee.  Luckily, the rest did the job and I was feeling no ill effects today.  One of my biggest concerns during this process is the possibility of injury.  I can’t afford to lose any training time to injuries and I do have some history with knee problems.  I make sure to do lengthy warm ups and cool downs and so far so good.

The run was fairly unremarkable as I paced my self and managed to do the 3.37 miles at less than a 9 minute mile pace.  I did feel a lot better than the last time I ran a 5k at a similar pace, however I felt no where near as strong as I did at the end of the 10k on Sunday.  It is definitely the pace that fatigues me and not necessarily the distance.  How do I run faster without getting tired!?

One slight annoyance during the run, was the fact that my iPhone kept ringing which was interrupting my inspirational music playlist!  Every call was an different unknown number which was certainly strange.  I attempted to ignore it, as I did not want to stop to answer my phone and interrupt the run.  After, I got finished with the run and was cooling down I checked my voice mails.  I had a great many voice mails from young men looking for a young lady called Kim and they were interested in her $60 special.  This confused me greatly, until I answered the next unknown number that called.  I asked the gentleman who called how he had got my number and he stated that he had got it from a ad from a masseuse.  Now, I am not one to cast doubt on this profession, but certainly the gentleman callers were expecting more than a sports massage shall we say.  When I got home, I had to find the offending ad on the website to realise that the ‘masseuse’ had mistyped her phone number in her advert and inadvertently typed mine.  I ended up having to call the ‘masseuse’ so that she could change the phone number in the ad to redirect all her potential customers to her.  Unfortunately, I am still receiving calls as I type….

I have just signed up for Garmin Connect and I so far I love it!  So far I love the options and think it will be a great way to compare and contrast performance!  Here is the data from my new Garmin Connect account.  Let me know if you like it:



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