Run 14 – Longest run yet

by Marathon Slob on May 6, 2012

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After the debacle of yesterday’s aborted run – I woke up this morning hoping that my hip was in better shape.  It felt pretty good as I went through my usual morning routine of getting the kids up and ready.  I decided I would soend a little extra time stretching and then head out for my run. After a lengthy stretching session focusing on the exercises found here – I set out for my run.

Once again I hit Prospect Park (I really need a new route soon!)  I set off gingerly to see how my hip would respond to the stresses of running.  For the first mile, I was feeling it pop a little bit but after that I completely forgot about it and was in no discomfort.  I went at a steady pace and felt so good I decided after the first loop that I would continue.  I continued at a consistent pace and managed to complete two full loops – my longest run yet!  I felt great at the end, and feel pretty confident I could have continued.  I definitely didn’t want to push my luck with the hip so I called it a day!  I managed 6.7 miles in just over an hour averaging 9:19 m/miles.  This has filled me with confidence to see such improvement from my last long run.

My new goal by the end of May, is to run a 5k averaging under 8:00 m/miles and a 10k averaging under 9:00 m/miles.  Hopefully, this will be achievable barring any injuries!

Here are the details courtesy of Garmin Connect:

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