Run 17 – Train slow, race fast (hopefully)

by Marathon Slob on May 12, 2012

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After a rest day yesterday, I planned to go out again this morning with this article in mind.  So far, I have pretty much been giving it everything I have (not much at the moment) every time I have gone for a run.  This has typically left me exhausted at the end of my planned run and I would be unable to run any further.

I understand that when I start Marathon training in earnest, I will be doing some tempo runs and some interval runs but currently I am really just trying to build my base.  The article made a lot of sense to me when it talked about building your endurance by running at a more comfortable pace.  With all that said, my plan was to run a little bit further and a little bit slower than usual.  I think I managed that pretty well and felt great at the end.  I plan on this length of run becoming my standard now.

Here are the details:

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