Run 4 – after the excess

by Marathon Slob on April 14, 2012

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This is beginning to be a common theme… This week was a blur of family and friends staying with us and I managed to drink and eat too much, and sleep too little!  Between the visitors and a busy working week, I did not make it out for one run during the week.

On Saturday morning, with our visitors departed, I reluctantly set out for a run expecting the worst.  As seems to be par for the course, my GPS took 5 minutes to locate a satellite so I had plenty of valuable stretching time.  As usual, my aim was a full loop of Prospect Park.  Until my fitness levels improve, I won’t take anything more challenging on. I set off at a fairly decent pace (for me!), which I managed to maintain for longer than previous runs.  I stopped to walk briefly twice when my heart rate reached dangerous levels (I didn’t realize what an accurate indication of fatigue heart rate was until analyzing the data from my GPS and Heart Rate Monitor).  I ended up finishing the loop a full 2 minutes quicker than my last run!  I felt great that I had improved even though I had a very sloppy week when it came to diet and training.  I really feel that if I can manage to put in the requisite effort, I will make it through the NYC Marathon intact!

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