Run 5 – Momentum

by Marathon Slob on April 16, 2012

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I didn’t feel too stiff this morning so I decided first thing in the morning to head out and see if I could have another steady run around the park.  I didn’t hold out much hope of a personal best, after consuming a large croissant and iced coffee. I felt like I would be making use of the port-a-johns in the park!  Once I got going, I felt great surprisingly! I went about 2.5 miles (which included the fairly steep hill) before I needed to take a brief walking break.  I even managed a cheeky sprint finish at the end of the loop!  To say my stomach wasn’t great and I did have some muscle soreness from the run the day before, I was incredibly happy to manage to go slightly quicker that the day before.  I definitely ran slower than I did the previous day, but this meant that I didn’t stop to walk for as long.  I honestly feel great at the moment and hopefully I will be able to keep up a steady 5K pace without stopping to walk before too long.

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