Run 6 – No more alcohol!

by Marathon Slob on April 21, 2012

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Run number 6 was a little more delayed than I would have liked (seems to be a common theme!) I planned on getting a couple of runs in during the week either first thing in the morning or when I got home from work. This did not happen for various reasons, the biggest being the fact that I went on a Team Building retreat with my company. The retreat did allow for various physical activities of the team building variety as well as a couple of healthy hikes. Unfortunately, most of the 3 days I was there was set aside for activities so I did not get a chance to get out for a run unfortunately! I did however come to the conclusion that this challenge and my current level of alcohol consumption were not compatible! This conclusion may have been prompted by a couple of nights of excessive consumption all in the name of team building that led to some pretty bad mornings! I feel that with the change I am making with regards to the running I should also make some changes when it comes to my overall health. I plan not to consume an alcoholic beverage until shortly after the successful completion of the NYC Marathon 2012! Wish me luck, I will need it – I love beer!

Onto the actual run… I went out early Saturday for yet another loop of Prospect Park. I am not ready to change my route just yet as I have a good benchmark now and I like seeing improvements from run to run. I went out determined to run the entire loop without stopping. I set off into the gorgeous crisp morning feeling pretty good. As I went down the hill at the southern end of the park, I realized I was going far too quickly. I took this as a challenge to see if I could get my breath back after about a mile at a decent clip. I managed to do that successfully and paced myself going up the hill but felt stronger than ever. I successfully completed the loop 2 minutes quicker than I had done before. I know these kind of improvements are not sustainable and are due largely to how unfit I was when I started this program. Nevertheless, I feel pretty good and just want to keep running consistently and building the stamina up.

Here are the stats:



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