Run 7 – it was going so well…

by Marathon Slob on April 25, 2012

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Well – this was my first real setback.  After the last run where I surprised myself by running the entire loop of the park even after setting off too fast tonight was a bit of a reality check!

A number of things went wrong:

1) I set off far too fast again.  Over confidence from the last run perhaps.  Either way my goose was cooked after 1 mile!

2) I got really itchy legs after a mile.  Not only was I tired, I had an incredible desire to stop and scratch my legs.  After a quick google, I found this article.  It turns out if you are unfit, your capilliaries have to open up during exercise which the brain can read as an itch!  Well, I am still definitely unfit so I think I have found the problem!

3) I ate a large amount of peanuts just prior to run.  I don’t know why I did this, but they did not sit great in my stomach!

4) I got a side stitch.  Although this may have been caused by me going off too fast, there is an obvious technical problem if I am getting a stitch after 1 mile!  This article reminded me that controlled breathing was helpful in reducing the chances of this painful condition occurring!

I changed my route given the way I was feeling after the 1 mile mark.  I ended up with a 2.75 mile run, but I did have to stop and walk on 2 or 3 occasions.   This has been a real eye opener that running isn’t easy when you are coming from a low fitness level.  On the bright side, I did make it around and I can only hope that I will get better with each run!

Here is the data:

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