Run 8 – Different Day, same problems!

by Marathon Slob on April 27, 2012

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Following my pretty horrendous run on Wednesday, I ventured out again tonight to seek redemption or at least a slightly improved performance.  Unfortunately, I suffered from the same problems as with my last run namely; itchy legs and a side stitch.  I basically ended up taking the same route as Wednesday (i.e not making a full loop due).  I did manage the run 2 minutes quicker than Wednesday so I guess that is one straw to clutch at.  Once again, I had to stop to walk on two occasions.  Unfortunately, my GPS took a dump when I tried to upload the data so we will have to make do without the pretty graphs.

Here are the details:

Distance – 2.76 miles
Time – 25:41
Pace – 9:24/mile

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