Run 9 – Faster we go…

by Marathon Slob on April 28, 2012

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After a Thursday night of cross training on the Wii – I made the decision to head out for a run after putting the kids to bed.  Prior to this challenge starting, Friday nights would have almost certainly consisted of take out food and beer.  Now, they consist of pounding around the park in fairly chilly conditions!

I attempted to learn from my mistakes in the previous 2 runs and didn’t set off at too quick a pace.  I really wanted to run the loop of Prospect Park at a steady 9 minute mile with little variation.  I am pleased to say that I was not afflicted by a side stitch or itchy legs!  This certainly helped me focus on running rather than pain or itchiness.  I completed the loop in under 30 minutes beating my Personal Record by 40 seconds.  Although I am pleased with the time – I was completely spent at the end – I couldn’t have run another step.  Lots more work to do on improving the baseline fitness I think!  Overall, a big improvement over my last 2 runs!  Tomorrow, I plan to run 10k so this gives me some confidence going into that.

Here is the data:

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