Training progress report #1

by Marathon Slob on May 9, 2012

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It has been over 6 weeks since my training plan began. It has already been a long journey for me fitness wise! When I first staggered out of my apartment for Run 1, I was a walking (literally) disaster!  Just to see how far I have come, here are the details from my first run (well, mostly walk..)

Ooof – lets compare that with my best run (as judged by my Garmin!):

Big difference, I definitely didn’t think 6 weeks ago, that I would be able to run close to 7 miles in an hour after that initial run!  The biggest surprise to me in this whole process has been how much I have enjoyed running.  For some reason, I thought that I would have to be pushed out of the front door by wife for every run.  I didnt believe that I would ever have the intrinsic motivation to get out there and just run!  I have definitely proved myself wrong on that count, and I have have even found myself trying to make excuses to go for a run on my designated rest days.  I can truly say that I have caught the runners ‘bug’ and I just want to better myself each time I go out.

To round off my first progress report, let’s look at some hard numbers:

Initial Stats

Weight – 178lbs
Resting Heart Rate – 85bpm
Mins per Mile (2M)- 12:30

Current Stats

Weight – 170lbs
Resting Heart Rate – 75bpm
Mins per Mile (3.34M)- 8:20
Mins per Mile (6.68M)- 9:19
Total Mileage – 52.45 miles

Now, Lets set some goals for my next progress report which I will do in the first week of June.

Goals for June 2012

Weight – 165lbs
Resting Heart Rate – 72bpm
Mins per Mile (3.34M)- 7:50
Mins per Mile (6.68M)- 8:50

I hope the goals that I have set are achievable, and most of all that I have the same passion for running in a months time as I do now!

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