Training Progress Report #2

by Marathon Slob on June 2, 2012

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May has drawn to a close, so it is time to look at how I did over the last month!  In my last Progress report I had seen some pretty good improvements from my first miserable run.  Here are the numbers from May

I’m feeling hugely positive about these numbers.  I pretty much doubled the amount of miles I did in April and my distance and speed both improved.  Most importantly the way I felt before, during and after running massively improved!  I know all these numbers need to increase but I truly enjoy running and feel incredibly guilty if I do not stick to my plan!

Here are the updated physical stats:

Initial Stats in March

Weight – 178lbs
Resting Heart Rate – 85bpm
Mins per Mile (2M)- 12:30

Stats from beginning of May

Weight – 170lbs
Resting Heart Rate – 75bpm
Best Mins per Mile (3.34M)- 8:20
Best Mins per Mile (6.68M)- 9:19
Total Mileage so far– 52.45 miles

Current Stats

Weight – 164lbs
Resting Heart Rate – 72bpm
Best Mins per Mile (3.34M)- 7:58
Best Mins per Mile (6.68M)- 9:01
Best Mins per Mile (10.04M) – 9:17
Total Mileage so far – 122.07 miles

I pretty much achieved my goals from the last progress report so I am delighted to be still making progress.  My goal this month is more general and that is for great mileage and more improvements.  Im obviously happy to be losing weight and feeling healthier but I have no targets as far as the weight loss – I just want to keep training!


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