Week in Review – Week 12!

by Marathon Slob on June 2, 2012

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I had a fairly quiet week this week.  After my long run on Monday, I took a couple of rest days as I did have some stiffness.  My first race is coming up on Sunday – the Celebrate Israel 4 miler in Central Park which I am hugely excited about!  Im going into that with no expectations outside of testing myself to see how far I have come.  I will have a full report after the race.

Given the 2 rest days due to stiffness, I only managed 2 training runs this week although I will be running the race tomorrow.  Here are the details:

Run 26

As standard a training run as they come.  Steady loop around the park – no problems!

Run 27 – Pre Race warmup

I decided to head out tonight to do a simulation race distance to help me prepare for tomorrow.  I didn’t push too hard as I definitely didn’t want to exhaust myself good to get a marker down for the time I could do a fairly easy 4 mile training run in. Hopefully I will be able to improve tomorrow!

Now for an early night to help ensure I don’t embarrass myself tomorrow!

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