Week in review! Week 11!

by Marathon Slob on May 30, 2012

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I had a busy week at work and haven’t been able to update after each run.  Instead of the usual post run report I will post them all here in order.  The highlights for me were my first 5k where I averaged under 8 min/mile pace and my first time running 10 miles or more! Here are the details of all my runs over the last 7 days:

Run 21 – 5k – Under 8 minute miles!

I decided to really go out strong on this run and see if I could keep it together and come home with a personal best.  It was hard work coming up the hill at the 2 mile mark after setting off so strongly but I managed it and came home with my quickest run yet!

Run 22 – Early in the morning!

For this run I got up at 4:45am and went for a cheeky 4 miler before work! Although I found it pretty tough going – I loved the feeling of getting into work having already got a 4 mile run in the bank!

Run 23 – Clockwise

I know you are all probably bored of me doing the same lap of the park (so am I and I plan on trying some new routes soon!) but on this run I did a clockwise lap of the park rather than my usual counter clockwise lap. It did feel like a completely different run and maybe a little bit easier.

Run 24 – Weak

Distinctly average clockwise lap of the park. Didn’t feel great and couldn’t have gone much further!

Run 25 – Double digits!

This was the highlight for me. I set out with a plan (well probably more hope) to do 10 miles and managed it pretty easily! About half way around the first lap I had pretty much made my mind up that there was no chance of me doing 3 laps. Once I got into the 2nd lap I started feeing much better and managed the 10 miles pretty easily. I gained so much confidence from this run, not only from the fact that I completed my first real long run but mostly with how I felt. I felt great at the end and even the next day had no stiffness! I know I will need to do more than double this distance in November but I definitely feel I am on the right path!

Over the last 7 days I managed to run 24 miles.  That is my highest mileage week so far and I feel great for doing it.  Lets hope I can keep it up!

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